ok, so we know that the root system is outdated as a metaphor, and that we're a bit tired of talking about rhizomes. 'rotsystem' is the norwegian word for it. . maybe we're not so fond of the system, actually. we don't really believe in it. maybe 'system' is only what the brain tries to look like when it's posing. or maybe it's the brain projecting its self image onto the world. . without 'system' we're left with 'rot', which means root, but also clutter: something you don't overview. heaps of random stuff in random places, that relate to each other only in the way that they're in the same space. . all though the brain frantically tries to give it all sense by making all sorts of connections. specially if it has the impression that it's made by someone on purpose. . we think you know what mess is. from your own home. at least we know it from ours, and you may come and have a look if you don't know what we're talking about. that might also give you a glimpse of the interior of our heads. . anyways – 'rot' – we guess that's our kind of fundament.